Consultancy & Media Production

Bisaraha With Mona Al Shazli

Project: Bisaraha With Mona Al Shazli


“Bisaraha With Mona Al Shazli” is a pioneering talk show that delves into critical social and regional issues. Produced and implemented by PyraPro, this program provides a unique platform for discussing topics often considered sensitive and complex within Arab societies and the Middle East.

The Approach:

Our approach aimed to create a series of episodes that would serve as thought-provoking platforms for discussing pressing social and regional issues. We strived to maintain objectivity, credibility, and realism while respecting the cultural norms and traditions of the diverse Arab societies.

The Challenge:

Producing a program that could address sensitive topics objectively and realistically was indeed challenging. Our goal was to provide a space for open and honest discussions while ensuring that the content remained culturally sensitive and acceptable.

The Result:

“Bisaraha With Mona Al Shazli” exemplifies PyraPro’s commitment to highlighting contemporary issues with compassion and integrity. The program has received acclaim from both the public and the media for its ability to address critical subjects with a humane touch, contributing to constructive dialogues within Arab societies.