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Pyramedia Group is a dynamic media conglomerate with a profound commitment to excellence. We encompass a diverse array of subsidiaries, each contributing unique expertise to our multifaceted portfolio.

Multi-Cultural Team

Our strength lies in our multi-cultural team, a tapestry of talents that span the globe. We bring together a rich mosaic of perspectives, ensuring that our media services resonate with audiences from all corners of the world.

Global Reach

With strategically located offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, London, Riyadh, and New York, Pyramedia Group boasts a dynamic global structure. This agile setup empowers us to seamlessly deliver our renowned media services to both local and international clients across diverse geographical landscapes.

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A selection from our executed projects

At Pyramedia Group, we take immense pride in our rich history of executed projects that have left a mark in the media and entertainment industries. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with renowned clients, created compelling content, and delivered impactful campaigns that have garnered attention and accolades. Our portfolio represents a diverse range of media ventures, from groundbreaking documentaries to captivating TV series and engaging digital campaigns. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Explore our curated selection of executed projects and witness the creativity, dedication, and expertise that define Pyramedia Group

Sabah Al Dar

Overview: “Sabah Al Dar” was a groundbreaking daily morning show that aired for an impressive two-year run on Abu Dhabi TV. This dynamic program…


Project: Aladdin: PyraStars’ Magical Contribution Overview: “Aladdin,” the live-action adaptation of Disney’s beloved animated classic, burst onto screens in 2019, bringing with it the…

Million’s Poet

Project: Millions Poets: Celebrating Poetry on TV Overview: “Millions Poets” is an award-winning TV show, an original format developed by Pyramedia, currently running its…

Endama Yaati Al Mathaa

Project: Abu Dhabi TV Evening Show – Pyramedia Group   Overview: The Abu Dhabi TV Evening Show, a project by the Pyramedia Group, was…


Project: Syriana   Overview: Syriana is a political thriller film released in 2005, directed by Stephen Gaghan. The movie explores the intricate web of…

Al Zaman Al Jamil

Overview: Al Zaman Al Jamil, produced by Pyramedia, is a transformative talent competition that left an indelible mark on the regional entertainment landscape. This…

House of Saddam

Overview: “House of Saddam” is a four-part television miniseries that originally aired in 2008. The drama chronicles the life and political reign of Saddam…

Middle East Film Festival (MEIFF)

Project: Middle East Film Festival 2007-2009 (Powered by Pyramedia Group)   Overview: The Middle East International Film Festival, later rebranded as the “Abu Dhabi…

Pirates of the Caribbean

OVERVIEW: “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a beloved film franchise produced by the renowned Walt Disney Pictures. At its helm is Captain Jack Sparrow,…

Media Monitoring and PR for NMDC (National Marine Dredging Company)

Client: NMDC (National Marine Dredging Company) Duration: 1 Year   Overview: PyraComms was engaged by NMDC (National Marine Dredging Company) to provide comprehensive media…

Al Ikhtiyar (The Buzzer)

Project: Al Ikhtiyar (The Golden Buzzer) – A Cultural Quiz Show Overview: “Al Ikhtiyar” is an exhilarating quiz show inspired by the French format…

Oloom Abu Dhabi Website

Explore Oloom Abu Dhabi’s Cutting-Edge News Portal Overview: PyraDigital is excited to unveil the Oloom Abu Dhabi news portal, a revolutionary platform meticulously crafted…

Prince of Poets

Prince of Poets: Nurturing Arab Poetry in the Digital Age | Pyramedia’s Cultural Phenomenon Introduction: “Prince of Poets,” a Pyramedia original format, stands as…

Al Janadria Festival

Al Janadriyah 33 – National Festival for Heritage and Culture The National Festival for Heritage and Culture, known as “Al Janadriyah,” is an annual…

Kingdom of Heaven

Project: Kingdom of Heaven Overview: “Kingdom of Heaven” is an awe-inspiring historical epic film, directed by the acclaimed Ridley Scott and released in 2005.…


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