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Behind the truth Documentary Series

Behind the Truth: A Breakthrough Documentary Series


“Behind the Truth” stands as a groundbreaking documentary series, consisting of 24 specially crafted episodes designed for broadcast on the prestigious Al Jazeera Documentary Channel. This exceptional series dared to delve into the complex and sensitive issues that have long been veiled in Arab society and the broader Middle East. It emerged as a pioneering initiative, breaking the silence surrounding these crucial topics.

The Approach:

Our mission was clear: to conceptualize, produce, and bring to life a documentary series unlike any other. “Behind the Truth” was created with the intent of addressing the most challenging and sensitive issues of our time, sparking conversations that were long overdue. The project was a testament to our dedication to journalistic integrity and the pursuit of knowledge.

The Challenge:

The challenges we faced were substantial. Tackling issues that had remained largely unexplored due to their sensitivity required innovative thinking and an approach that balanced informative journalism with cultural acceptability. We were tasked with presenting these issues in a manner that would resonate with society, fostering understanding and dialogue rather than division.

The Result:

“Behind the Truth” has carved a distinct place for itself in the landscape of groundbreaking media programs. Its objective exploration of contemporary issues, no matter how thorny, has earned it significant public and media acclaim. This series has become a shining example of PyraPro’s commitment to shedding light on essential matters, sparking critical conversations, and inspiring positive change.