Talents Management & Scouting

Kingdom of Heaven

Project: Kingdom of Heaven


“Kingdom of Heaven” is an awe-inspiring historical epic film, directed by the acclaimed Ridley Scott and released in 2005. This cinematic masterpiece unfolds against the backdrop of the 12th-century Crusades, chronicling the extraordinary odyssey of Balian of Ibelin, embodied by Orlando Bloom. From a humble blacksmith to a valiant knight, Balian assumes a pivotal role in the heroic defense of Jerusalem against invading forces.

PyraStars’ Role:

PyraStars’ team of adept location scouts embarked on a quest to unearth the ideal settings that would seamlessly transport viewers back to the medieval era. Their relentless dedication bore fruit in the discovery of breathtaking and historically precise locations, elevating the film’s visual storytelling by infusing it with an authentic grandeur.

Location Scouting:

PyraStars’ location-scouting experts scoured various regions to find the perfect settings that would transport the audience back to the medieval era. The team identified stunning and historically accurate locations, adding a sense of grandeur and authenticity to the film’s visual storytelling.

Talent Scouting and Contracting:

In collaboration with the film’s astute casting directors, PyraStars conducted an exhaustive talent scouting initiative. Their mission was to unearth actors capable of breathing life into the multifaceted characters of “Kingdom of Heaven.” This quest sought individuals endowed with the necessary skills, charisma, and a profound understanding of the historical context. Furthermore, PyraStars expertly managed the intricate negotiation and contract finalization processes, ensuring the successful engagement of the chosen actors.


PyraStars’ unwavering commitment to precision in location scouting and talent contracting significantly bolstered the triumph of “Kingdom of Heaven.” The film garnered widespread acclaim for its historical fidelity, breathtaking visuals, and the riveting performances delivered by its talented ensemble.