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The “Human Fraternity Messages” Campaign

Project: Human Fraternity Messages Campaign – PyraComms



The “Human Fraternity Messages” Campaign, orchestrated by The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, marked a historic moment on February 4, 2021, in celebration of the International Day of Human Fraternity and the Zayed Award For Human Fraternity. This momentous initiative aimed to foster global unity and participation, inviting millions worldwide to pledge their commitment to the principles of the Document on Human Fraternity. It encouraged the embrace of world peace, coexistence, and respect for diverse beliefs, cultures, races, and nationalities.



The campaign unfolded through a dedicated website, providing participants with a platform to transmit messages of human fraternity and pledge their dedication to the Document on Human Fraternity’s principles. The activation spanned 24 hours, during which individuals from every corner of the globe could unite and become a part of this significant movement for peace and unity.



Time Constraint: PyraComms faced the challenge of ensuring widespread promotion and global participation within the tight 24-hour timeframe of the campaign.
Global Outreach: The team had to work diligently to create awareness and motivate people from diverse backgrounds worldwide to contribute their messages of human fraternity, aligning with the campaign’s vision of fostering peace and harmony.

The “Human Fraternity Messages” Campaign achieved astounding success and garnered international acclaim. The initiative clinched a prestigious entry into the Guinness World Records for the Most Pledges Received for a World Peace Campaign in 24 hours. The hashtag #HumanFraternityMessages soared on social media platforms across numerous countries, generating substantial online engagement and interactions. The campaign attracted participation from cultural, academic, and celebrity figures, alongside media and artists, all actively sharing their messages, underscoring their dedication to the principles of the Document on Human Fraternity.



  • Special Website Launch:
    PyraComms crafted and launched a dedicated website for the campaign, providing an easily navigable platform for participants to dispatch messages of human fraternity.
  • Global Promotion and Awareness:
    The team executed comprehensive promotion and awareness strategies, ensuring that the campaign’s message reached a global audience and encouraged maximal participation.


PyraComms’ strategy for the “Human Fraternity Messages” Campaign was guided by two key principles:

Limited-Time Activation:
The 24-hour window was strategically chosen to instill a sense of urgency and prompt active participation within the specified timeframe.
Emphasis on Unity and Peace: The campaign’s messaging placed a strong emphasis on nurturing unity, peace, and coexistence among diverse cultures and societies worldwide.


The campaign’s design elements harmonized with the theme of unity and peace, featuring visuals that symbolized harmony and diversity. The design aimed to evoke emotions, inspire positive actions, and rally global participation in this momentous movement for human fraternity.