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“Ramthatna”: Preserving Heritage, One Word at a Time


“Ramthatna” is a captivating cultural program that breathes life into the essence and originality of heritage through the exploration of singular Arabic words.
Each episode, lasting up to five minutes, unveils the meaning and origins of a carefully chosen word, illuminating the rich tapestry of Arabic language and culture.

PyraPro’ Approach:

The production of “Ramthatna” by PyraPro followed a thoughtful approach, crafting short cultural episodes that connect viewers with the profound heritage of the older generation.
These episodes serve as windows into the past, offering explanations about the meaning and roots of select Arabic words.

The Challenge:

The challenge lay in presenting each episode with a distinctive narrative that would effortlessly convey the heritage of the older generation. PyraPro had to ensure that each segment was not only informative but also irresistibly attractive and enjoyable for viewers.

The Result:

“Ramthatna” emerged as a resounding success, resonating deeply with its audience when broadcast on Abu Dhabi TV. It garnered high viewership ratings, surpassing other similar programs. This achievement underscores the program’s ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between generations, preserving heritage one word at a time.