Consultancy & Media Production

The Living Legacy Documentary

The Approach:
The mission was to create an illuminating documentary that explored the world of falconry, emphasizing its diverse customs and traditions worldwide.
With a particular focus on the Gulf region, especially the United Arab Emirates, the documentary aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of this ancient art.


The Challenge:
The challenge was to craft a captivating film that could offer viewers an intimate glimpse into Emirati culture by delving into the intricate customs and traditions of falconry.
The documentary needed to bring the desert’s rich falconer experience to life, making it engaging and educational.


The Result:
The documentary “Living Legacy,” produced for the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, achieved remarkable success. It resonated positively across society, effectively introducing viewers to falconry as a pivotal facet of Emirati culture. This documentary proved instrumental in bridging cultural gaps and fostering appreciation for this ancient art form.