Events Management

The International Festival of Falconry

The International Festival of Falconry, hosted in Abu Dhabi in 2017, was a prestigious celebration of falconry’s rich heritage. PyraEvents orchestrated a successful campaign, emphasizing extensive public relations efforts to create a sustained buzz surrounding the festival. Additionally, the team adeptly managed the onsite press center, ensuring comprehensive media coverage.


Key Metrics:

  • Massive Public Relations Effort
  • Sustained and Substantial Buzz About the Festival
  • High Attendance by the Public and Local/International Media
  • Highest Media Coverage in the Festival’s History


The Approach:
PyraEvents’ approach was anchored in executing an extensive public relations campaign aimed at sustaining excitement and anticipation for The International Festival of Falconry. The team strategically developed compelling messaging and effectively packaged festival information to captivate media interest and secure broad media coverage.


The Challenge:
The challenge lay in presenting The International Festival of Falconry in a captivating manner that would attract media attention and secure extensive coverage. PyraEvents strategically crafted festival messaging to make it intriguing and appealing to media outlets across various platforms.


The Result:
PyraEvents’ efforts yielded exceptional success with a well-attended festival. The sustained and substantial buzz generated by the public relations campaign drew a large and diverse audience, including the general public and local/international media. Notably, the festival achieved its highest-ever media coverage, further elevating its reputation and success.



Public Relations Campaign:
PyraEvents executed a robust public relations campaign, encompassing comprehensive media outreach, press releases, and targeted interactions with the media. The team ensured effective communication of the festival’s unique aspects to both the media and the public.

Onsite Press Center Management:
PyraEvents efficiently managed the onsite press center during the festival. The team provided media professionals with essential resources and support, facilitating seamless media coverage and information dissemination.


PyraEvents’ strategy for The International Festival of Falconry centered on key elements:

Compelling Messaging:
Crafting compelling messaging that highlighted the festival’s cultural significance, unique attractions, and overall importance. The messaging aimed to capture media interest and resonate with the target audience.

Sustained Media Engagement:
Focusing on sustained engagement with media outlets leading up to and during the festival. This involved continuous communication, media updates, and personalized interactions to maintain media interest and coverage.

Targeted Media Outreach:
Conducting targeted media outreach across various platforms and outlets. PyraEvents ensured comprehensive coverage across TV, radio, print, and digital media to maximize exposure and audience reach.


Design elements for The International Festival of Falconry incorporated visuals that reflected the event’s cultural significance and unique heritage. The designs featured falconry-themed imagery, colors, and typography, captivating the audience’s attention while reinforcing the festival’s identity.