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Wa Zahaba Mathalan

“Wa Zahaba Mathalan”: Celebrating Emirati and Arab Folk Wisdom


“Wa Zahaba Mathalan” is a captivating program that takes viewers on a journey into the rich tapestry of Emirati and Arab societies. This show serves as a portal to explore the common human dimension embedded within the treasure trove of folk proverbs, highlighting various aspects of cultural heritage.

Pyramedia’ Approach:

The production of “Wa Zahaba Mathalan” was meticulously executed by Pyramedia, with a profound approach aimed at encapsulating the essence of folk proverbs as a quintessential part of Emirati and Arab societies.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to illuminate the world of folk proverbs, an oral tradition deeply woven into the fabric of Emirati and Arab heritage and popular culture. Pyramedia faced the task of introducing this topic and its origins in a manner that would not only be informative but also irresistibly captivating for viewers.

The Result:

“Wa Zahaba Mathalan” emerged as a triumphant program that resonated strongly with its audience when broadcast on Abu Dhabi TV. It achieved remarkable success, marked by high ratings that surpassed other programs of a similar nature. This accomplishment underscores the program’s ability to make the exploration of folk proverbs not only informative but also immensely engaging.