Events Management

The opening of Al Hudayriat Island


The opening of Al Hudayriat Island marked a significant milestone in Abu Dhabi’s entertainment landscape, offering a high-quality entertainment lifestyle for visitors seeking leisure activities in a privileged location. PyraEvents played a vital role in developing a pipeline of announcements, managing various event aspects, and providing public relations services to create a buzz around the opening and ensure extensive media and promotional coverage.


Key Metrics:

  • Increased Media Buzz and Public Interest
  • Positive Perception of Al Hudayriat Island as a Premier Entertainment Destination


The Approach:

PyraEvents’ approach revolved around strategic planning and execution of key elements to generate excitement and anticipation for the opening of Al Hudayriat Island. The team focused on developing a pipeline of announcements, managing event logistics, and ensuring comprehensive media coverage.


The Challenge:

The challenge was to create widespread media and promotional coverage for the opening of Al Hudayriat Island. PyraEvents sought to attract the attention of the local public and media, positioning the island as a must-visit destination offering a high-quality entertainment lifestyle.


The Result:

PyraEvents successfully attracted the attention of the local public and media to Al Hudayriat Island as one of Abu Dhabi’s premier high-quality entertainment destinations. The comprehensive event coverage, strategic public relations efforts, and engaging content generated significant media buzz and positive public perception.



  1. Pipeline of Announcements:
    PyraEvents developed a strategic pipeline of announcements leading up to the opening. The team carefully timed and crafted announcements to create anticipation and generate media interest.
  2. Event Coverage:
    PyraEvents managed various aspects of the event, including ad design, video and photography services, and comprehensive event coverage. The team ensured that the event’s highlights and key moments were captured and shared with the media and the public.
  3. Public Relations Services:
    PyraEvents provided public relations services to ensure extensive press coverage. This involved strategic media relations, press releases, and media outreach to highlight the unique offerings of Al Hudayriat Island.
  4. Comprehensive Report:
    PyraEvents prepared a comprehensive report on the opening of Al Hudayriat Island. The report included key metrics, media coverage highlights, and the overall success of the event.



PyraEvents’ strategy for the opening of Al Hudayriat Island included the following elements:

  1. Timing and Sequencing:
    The team strategically timed the announcements to build excitement and curiosity leading up to the opening. A carefully crafted sequencing of information was designed to maintain media interest.
  2. Engaging Content:
    PyraEvents focused on creating engaging content that showcased the island’s unique lifestyle and leisure activities. The content aimed to resonate with the target audience and convey the island’s distinct offerings.
  3. Media Engagement:
    The team actively engaged with local media outlets to ensure comprehensive coverage of the opening event. PyraEvents built strong media relationships to secure positive media placements.
  4. Leveraging Digital Platforms:
    PyraEvents harnessed the power of digital platforms to amplify the event’s reach. Social media channels were utilized to share live updates, videos, and engaging content during and after the opening.



PyraEvents’ design team played a crucial role in crafting visually appealing ad designs and event materials.
The designs reflected the island’s identity, emphasizing its high-quality entertainment lifestyle and privileged location.
The use of vibrant colors and captivating visuals aimed to capture the audience’s attention and evoke a sense of excitement.