Consultancy & Media Production

Al Ikhtiyar (The Buzzer)

Project: Al Ikhtiyar (The Golden Buzzer) – A Cultural Quiz Show


“Al Ikhtiyar” is an exhilarating quiz show inspired by the French format “Quizz ou Buzz” and originally piloted by TF1 in 2013.
The show offers a unique blend of general knowledge questions and suspenseful moments, with contestants aiming to win substantial cash prizes while navigating a field of randomly lit buzzers.

PyraPro’s Role:

PyraPro took on the challenge of producing and implementing “Al Ikhtiyar” for Saudi TV.
The scope of work encompassed all aspects of production, logistics, and administration required to bring this cultural competition program to Saudi audiences.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge for PyraPro was to adapt and present the Arabic version of the international French program “Le Dernier Buzzer” in a manner that retained its essence while infusing it with creativity, distinctiveness, and a uniquely Arab flavor. Balancing cultural relevance with entertainment value was key.

The Result:

“Al Ikhtiyar” achieved remarkable success, drawing a wide audience from across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The show resonated with viewers, offering a captivating blend of intellectual challenge and suspenseful moments.
Its unique format and presentation made it a hit among Saudi TV audiences, further establishing PyraPro’s ability to bring international formats to life in the Arab world.