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Prince of Poets

Prince of Poets: Nurturing Arab Poetry in the Digital Age | Pyramedia’s Cultural Phenomenon


“Prince of Poets,” a Pyramedia original format, stands as a testament to the enduring power of poetry in Arab culture. This TV show, now in its 9th season, has not only preserved but also nurtured the region’s profound love for the art of verse. In this article, we delve into the approach, challenges, and remarkable results of this cultural phenomenon.

The Approach:

At the heart of our approach was the celebration and promotion of the art of poetry. We meticulously curated every aspect of the show:

1. Securing Talents:
To create a diverse and engaging lineup, we scouted and secured talents, including competing poets, jurors, and celebrity guests. This careful selection ensured that “Prince of Poets” would resonate with a wide audience.

2. Stage Production:
We spared no effort in stage production, aiming to create an immersive and visually stunning experience for both the live and television audiences. The show’s ambiance was designed to enhance the poetic performances, making every episode a captivating spectacle.

The Challenge:

Our mission was twofold: to preserve the region’s profound love for poetry and to nurture it for future generations. This journey began with “Million Poets” and continued with “Prince of Poets,” our commitment to honoring traditions while resonating with a contemporary audience.

Beyond the TV competition, we expanded our reach to establish a dedicated magazine and website for poetry enthusiasts. Additionally, we launched the Prince of Poets channel, ensuring that our multifaceted approach created a holistic platform for poets and poetry lovers alike.

The Result:

“Prince of Poets” emerged as a cultural phenomenon, affirming Abu Dhabi’s position as the cultural hub of the Arab world. The show transcended boundaries, bringing poets of various nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds onto one stage. This celebration of diversity and inclusivity not only enriched the show but also contributed to the city’s reputation.

The accolades received underscore the show’s impact. It earned the prestigious Association of International Broadcasters Award in the United Kingdom for the most creative specialist genre on TV. Furthermore, it clinched the Gold Award for Best Variety Program at the Gulf TV and Radio Awards.

Since its inception in 2007, “Prince of Poets” has continued to captivate audiences, making it to its 9th season. Its digital presence is robust, with over 16K followers on Twitter, a testament to its enduring popularity and influence in the digital age.