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Sabah Al Dar


“Sabah Al Dar” was a groundbreaking daily morning show that aired for an impressive two-year run on Abu Dhabi TV. This dynamic program played a significant role in shaping the morning television landscape in the Emirates. With a runtime of 1.5 hours each day, it captivated audiences with its blend of informative content, entertainment, and celebrity guests.


PyraPro’s Role:

PyraPro, a division of Pyramedia, assumed a pivotal role in the development and execution of “Sabah Al Dar.” The team was entrusted with the entire spectrum of responsibilities, from designing the show’s format to overseeing the daily production. They also played a crucial role in securing high-profile guests, including celebrities, for the lively live show.



Creating “Sabah Al Dar” demanded a comprehensive and multifaceted approach. PyraPro began by meticulously designing the show’s format. They envisioned a program that seamlessly combined entertainment and information, making it an essential part of viewers’ mornings.

The content production for the daily episodes was a formidable task. PyraPro ensured that each episode was not only engaging but also informative, providing valuable insights to the audience.

One of the show’s highlights was the caliber of its guests. PyraPro’s team worked tirelessly to secure appearances by celebrities, dignitaries, and prominent figures, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the program.

Managing the overall production was a complex undertaking, given the show’s live format and extended duration. PyraPro’s expertise was instrumental in ensuring the smooth and flawless execution of “Sabah Al Dar.”



Taking on a project of this scale presented Pyramedia with several challenges. The sheer magnitude of the show, running for 1.5 hours daily, required an extensive range of media services and creative input. PyraPro needed to devise strategies that would sustain the show’s popularity and viewer engagement over its two-year tenure.



The results speak volumes about the success of “Sabah Al Dar.” It became a household name and, for several seasons, reigned as the most popular program in the Emirates. Its enduring appeal, a testament to PyraPro’s dedication and Pyramedia’s capabilities, firmly established it as a staple of morning television.

The show’s impact extended beyond entertainment, as it consistently delivered a unique blend of information and engagement, setting a high bar for morning programming in the region. “Sabah Al Dar” stands as a testament to Pyramedia’s ability to not only meet but exceed expectations on a grand scale.