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Project: Aladdin: PyraStars’ Magical Contribution


“Aladdin,” the live-action adaptation of Disney’s beloved animated classic, burst onto screens in 2019, bringing with it the enchanting tale of a street-smart young man, a magical lamp, and a wish-granting Genie. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film offered a fresh take on this timeless story.

PyraStars’ Role:

In the production of “Aladdin,” PyraStars played an instrumental role, particularly in the domains of location scouting, talent scouting, and contracting. Their mission was clear: find the perfect locations, unearth exceptional actors, and ensure their participation in this magical cinematic journey.

Location Scouting:

PyraStars’ team of location scouting experts collaborated closely with the film’s production crew to uncover enchanting settings that would whisk the audience away to the wondrous world of “Aladdin.” Their quest led to visually stunning and culturally authentic locations, enriching the film’s immersive experience.

Talent Scouting and Contracting:

Working hand in hand with the film’s casting directors, PyraStars embarked on an exhaustive talent hunt. Their mission? To discover actors who could breathe life into the iconic characters and capture the very essence of the beloved animated classic. The team sought individuals not only with impeccable acting skills but also the charisma and chemistry to do justice to these cherished characters. PyraStars also expertly handled negotiations and contracting, securing the participation of the chosen actors.


PyraStars’ invaluable contributions in location scouting and talent contracting infused the live-action adaptation of “Aladdin” with an enchanting authenticity. The film garnered acclaim for its visually striking settings, enthralling performances, and its ability to evoke nostalgia while offering a fresh take on the beloved classic. This magical rendition of “Aladdin” would not have been the same without PyraStars’ touch of cinematic magic.