Skills Building

College of Language and Media at the Naval Academy


In collaboration with the Naval Academy’s College of Language and Media, PyraEducation undertook the task of designing and implementing a specialized course in “TV preparation and presentation.” This comprehensive course aimed to equip students with extensive training and skill refinement in diverse areas related to television and radio, digital media, photographic arts, program production, and directing arts. By imparting industry-relevant knowledge and practical expertise, PyraEducation played a pivotal role in enhancing students’ capabilities and preparing them for successful careers in the media industry.

PyraEducation’s Approach:

PyraEducation’s approach to the specialized course was characterized by a meticulously crafted curriculum encompassing essential facets of TV preparation and presentation. The team developed a curriculum that struck a harmonious balance between theoretical lessons and practical workshops, offering students valuable hands-on learning experiences. The course structure was designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of various media disciplines while fostering creativity and critical thinking.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge faced by PyraEducation was to create a course that catered to the diverse interests and career aspirations of students within the College of Language and Media. The objective was to provide specialized training in each field while imparting a holistic view of the interconnected nature of the media industry.


PyraEducation’s specialized course in “TV preparation and presentation” at the Naval Academy’s College of Language and Media yielded significant positive outcomes for participating students. The course effectively equipped them with the requisite skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic and competitive media landscape. Through practical training in various media disciplines, PyraEducation empowered students to confidently pursue careers in television, radio, digital media, and related fields.

Key Tasks:

Theoretical Lectures: PyraEducation delivered comprehensive theoretical lectures encompassing various aspects of television and radio writing, digital media, digital content creation, photographic arts, and directing arts.
Practical Workshops: The team organized hands-on practical workshops, enabling students to gain valuable experience in television and radio program production and other relevant areas.


PyraEducation’s strategy for the specialized course revolved around the following key elements:

Holistic Skill Development: The curriculum offered a well-rounded learning experience, covering multiple media disciplines, transforming students into versatile media professionals.
Practical Application: Emphasis was placed on practical training, ensuring students could apply their knowledge and refine their skills through real-world projects and scenarios.


The course’s design embraced a harmonious blend of theoretical lectures and practical workshops. An interactive and engaging teaching approach was adopted to foster a dynamic learning environment. Visual aids, multimedia resources, and practical demonstrations were leveraged to enhance the effectiveness of the training sessions, facilitating better understanding and retention of the course material.

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