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Abu Dhabi Police – Promising Journalists Program

Program Name: Promising Journalists Program


The Promising Journalists Program, organized by the Abu Dhabi Police, is a prestigious initiative designed to nurture and enhance the capabilities of talented male and female employees in the fields of journalism, radio, and television. The program offers exceptional opportunities for participants to refine their skills and develop their expertise in media and communication. Through comprehensive training and practical experiences, the program aims to empower affiliates to become accomplished journalists and media professionals.


The Approach:

PyraEducation collaborated with the Abu Dhabi Police to devise an approach that caters to the unique needs and aspirations of the program’s participants. The team focused on creating a structured curriculum that covered essential aspects of journalism, radio, and television. Emphasis was placed on imparting theoretical knowledge and practical training to ensure participants could effectively apply their learning in the real world.


The Challenge:

One of the primary challenges for PyraEducation was to tailor the program to suit the diverse skill levels and prior experience of the participating male and female employees. The team aimed to provide personalized support and guidance to help each participant maximize their potential and achieve their career goals.


The Result:

The Promising Journalists Program conducted by PyraEducation in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Police yielded remarkable outcomes for the 15 male and female employees who graduated from the program. Participants emerged as skilled journalists and media professionals, equipped with the expertise and confidence needed to excel in the media industry. The program’s comprehensive approach ensured that each participant could effectively contribute to the fields of journalism, radio, and television.



    • Customized Training Modules: PyraEducation developed tailored training modules that encompassed various aspects of journalism, radio, and television. The modules were designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the program’s participants.
    • Practical Exercises: The team organized practical exercises, workshops, and simulations to provide participants with hands-on experience in reporting, interviewing, and content creation for various media platforms.



PyraEducation’s strategy for the Promising Journalists Program revolved around the following key elements:

    • Personalized Development: The program focused on identifying individual strengths and areas for improvement to provide personalized development plans for each participant.
    • Real-World Exposure: The curriculum incorporated opportunities for participants to engage with real-world media events and coverage, fostering a deeper understanding of journalistic practices and challenges.



The program’s design integrated theoretical sessions, interactive workshops, and practical exercises to ensure a dynamic learning experience. The team adopted an immersive teaching approach to facilitate active engagement and knowledge retention. The program’s design emphasized skill-building and knowledge application, equipping participants to thrive in the field of journalism, radio, and television.

    • Client

      Abu Dhabi Police

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