Consultancy & Media Production

Endama Yaati Al Mathaa

Project: Abu Dhabi TV Evening Show – Pyramedia Group



The Abu Dhabi TV Evening Show, a project by the Pyramedia Group, was a daily, 1.5-hour live program that ran for an impressive two years, airing seven days a week. This show aimed to captivate audiences with a mix of Emirati identity, cultural heritage, and engaging entertainment content.


The media approach undertaken by Pyramedia Group was multifaceted:

  • Format Development:
    Pyramedia Group developed the format of the evening show program for Abu Dhabi Media.
  • Daily Content Production:
    The team was responsible for the daily production of episodes, ensuring fresh and captivating content.
  • Guests and Celebrities:
    Securing guests and celebrities for the daily live show added a touch of spectacle to the program.
  • Comprehensive Production:
    Pyramedia Group managed the overall production of the show, bringing all elements together seamlessly.
  • Emirati Identity and Culture:
    The challenge was to consolidate the Abu Dhabi Media vision by presenting media content that not only focused on Emirati identity and cultural heritage but also provided purposeful entertainment content aligned with viewer interests.
  • Creativity and Essence:
    Pyramedia Group needed to harness its full range of media services and creativity to authentically capture the essence, identity, and function of this TV production.


The Abu Dhabi TV Evening Show achieved resounding success. Airing on the Al Emarat channel, part of the Abu Dhabi TV network, the program fulfilled its purpose by offering viewers a blend of Emirati identity, cultural heritage, and purposeful entertainment. It successfully engaged and enriched Emirati society through its daily broadcasts.