Events Management

Middle East Film Festival (MEIFF)

Project: Middle East Film Festival 2007-2009 (Powered by Pyramedia Group)



The Middle East International Film Festival, later rebranded as the “Abu Dhabi International Film Festival,” launched in 2007 and rapidly became a significant Arab film festival on the global stage. Pyramedia Group played a pivotal role in its success by providing a range of services, leading to exceptional achievements.


Key Metrics:

  • 90 Seminars, Press Conferences, and Panel Discussions
  • 250 Local, Arab, and International Journalists
  • 100 Arab and International Stars and Public Figures
  • 50 Tours Inside Abu Dhabi for Festival Guests
  • 10,000 Visitors and Local, Arab, and International Viewers
  • 18 Special Daily Concerts for Festival Guests


Pyramedia Group’s tasks for the Middle East Film Festival 2007-2009 included extensive preplanning, assembling a global team of 600 professionals, IT infrastructure setup, event management system development, talent scouting, logistics management, stage design and execution, broadcast TV channel launch, and 24/7 promotion campaigns.


The strategic approach encompassed meticulous preplanning, a diverse global team, strong local cinema relationships, comprehensive event management systems, strategic talent selection, and continuous promotion campaigns to ensure growth and success over the festival’s three-year contract.


Design elements focused on creating a visually captivating experience. This included stage design, lighting arrangements, and audiovisual effects that reflected the festival’s essence. A dedicated broadcast TV channel and a Broadcast Media Center were designed for seamless broadcasting.