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Hekaya Festival 2017 – Nurturing Media Talents with PyraEducation


PyraEducation assumed a pivotal role as a media thought guide during the Misk Foundation’s Hakaya Festival 2017. This prestigious festival, hosted by the Misk Foundation, was dedicated to fostering and showcasing media talents across diverse age groups. Leveraging its expertise and experience, PyraEducation orchestrated a series of workshops that captured the imagination and participation of budding media talents.


PyraEducation’s Role:

PyraEducation took on the role of a mentor and guide at the Hakaya Festival 2017, providing invaluable expertise to emerging media enthusiasts. The team conceptualized and delivered a range of workshops meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of participants from various age groups.



The approach PyraEducation embraced for the Hakaya Festival 2017 revolved around empowering and enlightening budding media talents. The team meticulously designed workshops tailored to meet the distinct requirements of each age group attending the festival. These workshops were not only geared toward enhancing media skills but also aimed to ignite creativity and self-expression among participants.


The primary challenge facing PyraEducation was to effectively engage and inspire a diverse audience spanning multiple age brackets. The workshops needed to be finely tuned to accommodate varying learning styles and aspirations. Furthermore, creating an inclusive and encouraging environment that motivated participants to explore their potential in the media domain was paramount.


The Hakaya Festival 2017, under the guidance of PyraEducation, emerged as a resounding success story in nurturing media talents and kindling their passion for the industry. The workshops witnessed enthusiastic participation from attendees of all ages, fostering creativity, innovation, and media literacy. The event played a pivotal role in empowering young talents to chase their dreams, providing them with valuable insights into the dynamic world of media.


Key Services:

  • Media Thought Guidance
  • Tailored Workshop Development
  • Workshop Presentation

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