Consultancy & Media Production

Million’s Poet

Project: Millions Poets: Celebrating Poetry on TV


“Millions Poets” is an award-winning TV show, an original format developed by Pyramedia, currently running its 10th season. This remarkable program has been a significant success, with a focus on showcasing competing talents, engaging jurors, and hosting celebrity guests, all while ensuring seamless stage production.

The Approach:

Our approach to creating “Millions Poets” involved meticulous planning and execution. We curated a platform to celebrate poetry, bringing together diverse cultures and nationalities. This required securing talented poets, renowned jurors, and notable celebrity guests. Additionally, we adopted cutting-edge production technology to infuse the show with a modern feel.

Services Provided:

  1. Talent Acquisition: Pyramedia managed the selection and recruitment of talented poets, jurors, and celebrity guests. This involved extensive scouting and negotiations to bring together a diverse group of participants.
  2. Stage Production: We oversaw every aspect of stage production, ensuring that the show’s visual and technical elements were of the highest quality. Our team leveraged the latest production technology to create a visually stunning and engaging program.
  3. Cultural Revival: Pyramedia’s unique challenge was to highlight, revive, and expand the appreciation of poetry in the Arab world. We accomplished this by creating a platform that combined traditional poetry with modern production values, appealing to a wide and diverse audience.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to revive and expand the love for poetry in a culturally diverse audience. We aimed to present, design, and produce the show with a modern touch, incorporating the latest production technologies. This project allowed Pyramedia to fully utilize its wide range of media services and unleash its creativity.

The Result:

“Million Poets” became a monumental success story. It consistently achieved the highest ratings on Abu Dhabi TV, surpassing other programs on the network by a considerable margin. Notably, during its first seven seasons, the program achieved significant milestones, including amassing a substantial social media following with more than 42,000 followers on Instagram and over 87,000 followers on Twitter. Pyramedia expanded the project’s reach by creating a dedicated TV channel, a monthly magazine with the same name, “Million Poets,” and even a 24-hour satellite channel. The show’s success solidified its place as one of the largest programs in the Arab world, celebrating the art of poetry in a modern and engaging way.