Consultancy & Media Production

Nashwa Show

The Approach:
Our media approach was comprehensive and involved multiple facets.
We started by developing the format for Nashwa’s social talk show, ensuring it would resonate with the audience. Content production was a key element, as we were responsible for creating engaging daily episodes.

Securing guests and celebrities who could contribute meaningfully to the show was another crucial task.
Our team was dedicated to ensuring that each episode had the right mix of personalities and topics.

The production of the show as a whole, from managing the technical aspects to coordinating the logistics, fell under our purview.
It was about crafting a seamless viewing experience for the audience.


The Challenge:
The primary challenge was to deliver a show that fearlessly delved into social issues without being bound by conventional boundaries.
We aimed to create a platform where open and honest discussions could take place, regardless of how sensitive or controversial the topics might be.

Navigating the intricacies of these topics, handling diverse opinions, and presenting them in a way that would resonate with the audience was indeed a challenge. It required a delicate balance of sensitivity and assertiveness.


The Result:
The show was an undeniable success. It wasn’t just a talk show; it became a platform for meaningful conversations that touched the hearts of many. In recognition of her impactful work, Nashwa Al Ruwaini was rightfully dubbed the “Oprah Winfrey of the Arab World.”

The show found its home on Dubai TV, reaching a wide audience and becoming a significant part of the media landscape.
Its success was a testament to the power of open dialogue and its ability to foster understanding and change.