Consultancy & Media Production

Rooh Al Ittihad Campaign

The Approach:
The “Rooh Al Ittihad” campaign embarked on a monumental mission—to tell the incredible story of the birth of the United Arab Emirates. We took on the responsibility of producing a series of documentary episodes that would meticulously depict the crucial moments and extraordinary efforts that led to the formation of this nation.

To create a documentary series of this magnitude, we began by diving deep into research. Our team scoured archives, interviewed key individuals, and unearthed rare documents and historical correspondences. We wanted to ensure that every detail was not only accurate but also compelling. The challenge was not just to tell a story but to make history come alive on screen.

The Challenge:
Chronicling history is no small task, especially when it involves such a pivotal moment in a nation’s life. We faced the immense challenge of not just collecting data but also collecting the right data. We needed to weave together the narratives of those who had lived through the founding of the United Arab Emirates. This meant interviews with dignitaries, in-depth research, and access to confidential documents.

The founding fathers of the UAE were visionaries who had the foresight to unify the Emirates into a single nation. To portray their efforts accurately, we had to delve into the minutiae of their work. This meant uncovering not just the obvious facts but also the hidden details, secret negotiations, and intense dedication that went into the creation of the nation.

The Result:
Our efforts culminated in the production of a 3-part documentary series entitled “Spirit of the Union.”. This series was not just a historical account; it was an emotional journey. It showcased exclusive footage, confidential documents, and revealed details that had never seen the light of day. “Spirit of the Union” was more than a documentary; it was a testament to the spirit of unity and the extraordinary vision of the founding fathers.

This project received resounding approval from all concerned parties in the government. It was not just a documentary; it was a tribute to the nation’s history and the heroes who crafted it. It has since become a valuable resource for understanding the UAE’s remarkable journey from a collection of emirates to a united and thriving nation.