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The Mawaqif Campaign


The Mawaqif Campaign stands as a testament to Pyramedia’s expertise in transforming governmental services through strategic communication. This campaign was instrumental in reshaping the perception and effectiveness of Mawaqif Abu Dhabi, a governmental authority overseeing public parking in the capital.


PyraComms’ Role:

PyraComms spearheaded this transformative campaign, leveraging its multidimensional capabilities to overhaul the image and awareness of Mawaqif. The scope of PyraComms’ involvement encompassed crafting a comprehensive advertising strategy, securing advertising space across all media platforms, and devising creative marketing solutions and campaigns.



The approach adopted for the Mawaqif Campaign was both comprehensive and innovative. PyraComms set out to revitalize Mawaqif’s image by formulating a strategic advertising plan. This plan encompassed purchasing advertising space across various media channels to ensure maximum reach.

However, PyraComms’ contributions extended far beyond traditional advertising. Creative marketing solutions were devised to enhance the public’s understanding of Mawaqif’s rules and regulations. The team also engineered creative campaign designs that included promotional activities, merchandising initiatives, mobile marketing strategies, and engagement with new media platforms.



The challenge facing PyraComms was substantial: to initiate an awareness campaign that would not only rebuild the image of Mawaqif but also engage with the broader public. Mawaqif, a public parking system under the purview of the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, needed to shed its prior image and foster a sense of understanding and cooperation among the city’s drivers.



The Mawaqif Campaign triumphed in its mission to raise awareness of parking regulations in the capital. Through strategic communication and innovative marketing initiatives, the campaign clarified the rules and operations of the parking system, ultimately resulting in a smoother and more convenient experience for drivers in Abu Dhabi.

The success of this campaign demonstrates PyraComms’ ability to transform the perception of governmental services through strategic communication and creative marketing. By fostering clarity and understanding, the Mawaqif Campaign not only improved the public’s perception but also streamlined parking services in the city.


Key Services:

  • Advertising Strategy Development
  • Advertising Space Procurement
  • Creative Marketing Solutions
  • Campaign Design
  • Promotion and Merchandising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • New Media Outreach